Quesadillas & Tacos

Quesadilla: 10" tortilla (grilled), cheese, rice, beans, filling, salsa

Taco: 6" corn tortilla, cheese, rice, beans, filling, salsa

Chicken mole
Chicken bay leaf
Carnitas Chile verde
Beef carne asada
Bean & cheese


White, wheat, tomato chile, pesto, jalapeno/cheddar, spinach


Chicken mole: chicken in mild red chile sauce
Chicken bay leaf: chicken soup flavor
Carnitas: seasoned shredded pork
Chile verde: pork in a mild green chile sauce
Beef carne asada: sirloin grilled & marinated in vegetable marinade
Veggie: onions, cabbage, carrots & zucchini, stir fried in olive oil
Bean & cheese: an extra helping of beans
Potato: seasoned potatoes, grilled onions, ranch & cheddar cheese, no rice or beans!
Breakfast: potatoes, eggs, cheese & meat


Regular: mild pico de gallo
Corn: medium smokey flavor w/chipotle peppers
Jalapeno: hot with fresh jalapenos
Tomatillo: tangy green salsa
Salsa de lupe: special blended hot salsa